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Aurora HDR for Mac is the most advanced, professional and well-equipped with latest technology HDR application, used by World’s famous HDR photographer. It has complete set of powerful and flexible tools to create expert, astonishing and remarkable photos in couple of minutes.

Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 latest version for Mac Free Download

Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 latest version for Mac Free Download

Download Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 free for Mac

Download Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 for Mac free latest version offline setup. This is the latest version of Aurora HDR for Mac. Click on the download button given at end of this article to download Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 latest version for Mac.

Key Features of Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 for Mac

  • No need of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Alternative of Adobe Lightroom and other products of Adobe.
  • Excellent photographic vision.
  • Fast and powerful results in creation of HDR photos.
  • 50+ Powerful editing tools.
  • Versatile workflow.
  • Auto alignment.
  • Automatic deghosting technology.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Image radiance.
  • Polarize filters.
  • Gradient masking tools.
  • Smart Color controls.
  • Dodge and Burn Filter.
  • Lens Correction tool.
  • History Panel and Histogram.
  • Native RAW Support.
  • Fast Brackets Merging.
  • Pro Presets Packs.
  • Transform Tool.
  • Crop Tool.
  • Color Temperature.
  • Feather for layer masks.

Technical Details of Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 for Mac

File Name:      Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 Latest Version.

File Siz:           194 MB

Developer:     Skylum / Aurora HDR for Mac

System Requirements for Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 for Mac

  • Mac OS X 10.10 and higher.
  • 1 GB free HDD
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or superior
  • Free to download

Free Download Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 Latest Version for Mac

Click on the following download button to download Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 latest version for Mac offline setup free.

Click here to Download Aurora HDR 1.2.0 Build 5042 free for Mac

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