What is Social Media Optimization?

To understand the concept of Social Media Optimization, first look at SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO and SMO terms are very close to each other. If you understand SEO, you will easily comprehend social media optimization. I selected SEO to describe first because this word has been frequently used in blogging since start of blogging.

Social Media Optimization Tools

Search engine optimization is a process to increase the ranking of blog in search engine results pages and its appearance/visibility in search engine. Bloggers use a set of SEO tactics and strategies to achieve these two targets i.e. ranking and visibility of blog in search engine.

The some examples of SEO strategies are internal linking, adding search description in blogger, using Meta Tags, anchor text, use of keywords and permalink structure, optimization of images, using local SEO services and website mobile optimization etc. Any strategy or technique which can be used to increase the visibility and ranking of blog in search engine called search engine optimization strategy and this process is called search engine optimization.

Now when you understood the concept of SEO, let’s know about social media optimization. In short words, we call it “SMO (Social Media Optimization). As from its name, it clear that it is relevant to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit etc.

Social Media optimization is a process in which we use social media outlets to increase the awareness about the product, brand, any blog or website, article or of any event.

As we use different techniques in SEO to increase blog visibility and ranking in search engine, in the same way, we apply different techniques and method in social media to increase the awareness and social ranking of blog. When you will promote your blog through social media optimization, ultimately it will boost up the SEO of your blog.

There are numerous social media techniques to increase the blog visibility and online presence in social media. The same techniques could be used to enhance the awareness and generate publicity of a product, brand, article or an event.

  • The some outstanding examples of social media strategies are: 
  • Creating blog pages on all social media sites.
  • Active participation in social media groups and communities.
  • Regularly updating the social pages of your blog.
  • Install an attractive and prominent “Call to Action” button.
  • Using WordPress social plug-ins.
  • Retweet the old blog posts (old is gold).
  • Creating blog business page and community on Google+ etc. 

All these are SMO techniques and strategies. Any method or technique using social media, which increase the blog awareness, traffic and visibility in social media as well as in search engine, it is called social media optimization techniques, and this process is called social media optimization.

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