What is Domain Name and How Does it Works?

How Does a Domain Work?

In this article, we’ll learn about the following points. 

  • What is IP address?
  • What are domain name / domain meaning?
  • What is a domain in website?
  • How does domain work?
  • Difference between a domain and website?
  • Important mentions regarding a registered domain name!

Domain is the online identification, presence or address of an individual or an organization. 

Basically when we registered a domain name, it is always in form of numerical digits, i.e. This numerical address is called I.P address. I.P Stands for Internet Protocol. 

It is very difficult of every person to memorize this digital address, so domain is the alternative of these numerical digits. Every domain has its own numerical address. 

When you construct a home in a city, it has postal address i.e. house No., street No., postal code etc. This is physical address of your home. When a person will come to meet you, he will follow the address. Similarly domain is the internet address of your website. When an internet user would like to land on your website, he will enter your domain in search browser. 

Difference between a Website and Domain

There is a slight dissimilarity between a “website” and a “domain”. 

Website: A website is like a “home” where you are living, have furniture, rooms, lawn and other material which is needed in a home. Similarly a website is an online location (home) where web pages (rooms, blocks or walls) and other documents exist online and you can get access to them anytime. 

Domain: A domain is the postal address of that website (home). As like a person can’t get access to your home unless you can’t tell him address of your home. Likewise domain is the address of a website, without domain, you can’t enter into a site. 

Domain exists inside of a website. For example www.bloggerstown.com, in this website, “bloggerstown.com” is the domain. Open your browser, simply write there “bloggerstown.com”, you will land on the website www.bloggerstown.com. But if you simply write “www” and don’t enter the domain name, you can never land on the bloggerstown.com, unless you enter the domain name. 

If you know the address (domain) of a house (website), you can easily land on the website. When you will enter in house (website), now you can further navigate the rooms (web pages) of that house. Without out domain, you can’t land on a website.

Vital Particulars Necessary to Know about “Domain”

Remember! Once a domain name issued to an individual, it can never issued again with same domain name unless previous will closed and will re-open. 

Once domain name is registered, it can’t change for the whole website life. 

If you will change the domain of your website, you’ll lose all readers, customers, internal and external links, Alexa ranking and worth of website. In simple and short words, once you change your domain name, you will again start your business from zero. 

When you choose your domain name, keep it short, easy to spell and easy to remember. It should be reflecting your business. For example if you want to build a domain on travelling, then you can choose “travelling.com, mytravelling.com, journey.com etc. These names are showing that this website is about travelling and tours. 

However, in current era, it is not necessary to choose exact keywords for your domain. Now all depends on unique content, comprehensive Social Media Optimization and best SEO of your site. 

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