What is “About US” Page and How Does It Build up Your Trust on Audience?

How Does About Us Page Build Your Trust on Audience?

Any website or blog has certain pages which makes the site structure complete and accurate. These pages are the root of site, which guides the audience and provide multiple information about site and its managements. These pages are includes “about us, contact us, privacy policy, TOS or such other pages”. 

All these pages have their own importance. But in this article, we’ll discuss the importance of “About Us” page has its own importance which tells the reader about the blog history and its owner. “Contact us” page is also very important for any blog or website because it is the merely source of communication between audience and blogger. 

“Privacy Policy” page has its own importance which provides the information to visitors about privacy policy of website or blog. So every page has its own importance. We can’t ignore even a single page among them. 

It is frequently observed that many bloggers (especially newbie) when starts the blog, they don’t give more importance to “about us” page. Even some expert bloggers don’t update this page with the passage of time. We always try to make the blog design and its layout attractive and beautiful but sometimes designer ignore “about us” page of the site. This is great mistake. In instant article we’ll try to learn about how to write about me page as well as its importance. 

What “About us” Page Explains to Audience?

“About us” page is the page which contains the important information about blog owner, its organization or company. On some sites it is named as “About us”, where team member are more than one. 

“About us” page is a profile which provides a brief but precise and to the point description to reader about blog owner. 

Whenever a visitor lands on your blog, it visits the “about us” page in his first attempt. This page is the first impression of blog owner which goes in the mind of reader. 

An About us page provides the following information to audience: 

  • Who are you? 
  • What is your work? 
  • What is your expertise in blogging, SEO, web designing or social media? 
  • What care about you and what you provide your readers? 
  • Why you started blogging? 
  • How much you face ups and downs during this journey? 
  • What are your achievements? 

This all information visitor seeks from the “about us” page of your blog or site. That’s why Make a professional and trust building “about us” page that briefly tells the visitors and blogger community about yourself and your blog. 

Importance of “About us” Page

Have you ever deeply observed the Google analytics or search engine results? 
Check the Google analytics, you will find that your site’s most viewed page is “About us”. 

When I was writing this post, I checked my another blog in Google chrome browser. When I entered site address in search engine to see the Google results, I surprised that “About us” page of our site was on top. See the following image. 

What is the Importance of About Us Page?

This shows how much “About us” page is important for any blog or website. 

Many of the bloggers create the “About us” page in earlier days of starting the blog. Although it is good but they never update this page again. This is big mistake. Whatever “About us” page contains, it should be updated from time to time. This page helps you to take the reader into your confidence and builds up your trust upon the reader. 

When you will share “who are you, how you stepped in blogging, what you done before blogging, what are your achievements in this field, what you learnt and teach others, how you are managing this blog and such like other information” on your “About us” page, why not your trust upon your visitor and potential customer build up. You are giving a human touch to your blog. 

If you are running an online business or any company, then give a precise, short and to the point sketch about it. When the company was founded? Where its head office and regional offices (if exist) are located? How much employees are working in it? What targets were you selected and how much you achieved? What is the vision of company? 

So if you are running an affiliate blog or online business blog, then provide all this and other basic information about your business on “About us” page of blog. 

Create an Ideal “About us” Page for Your Site

Here is an example of “About us” page from TSDesk. 

Now when you understand the importance, let’s know how to create an ideal “about us” page for your website or blog. 

Remember! About us page is the first impression before audience. This page is either builds up your trust on audience or downgrade your authority. 

If you create it in engaging way, you can easily build up your trust upon your customers. 

But if you don’t make it an ideal “about us” page, it may be harm for your blog authority. 

Give a human touch to this page by adding some personal life experiments like when and from where you completed your primary education? When you started college or university? In which subjects you obtained the master degree and when? Before starting your blog, where you did job? Why you started blogging and left the previous job? What is your hobby? What you achieved till now in blogging? 

These are the questions which rise in reader mind? When you answer these in your “About us” page, it provides a clear picture of you and your blog to the reader. 

I hope you would be enjoyed this article. If you find it useful and interesting, share it with your friends on social media pages. Also give us your precious feedback. 

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