5 best Firefox Add-ons to Enhance Your Browsing Experience

Mozila FireFox Extensions

Firefox is one of the best browsers providing the excellent browsing experience with dozens of Firefox extensions. 

Firefox is the basically the product of Mozilla, and recently Mozilla announces the hundreds of new best fire Firefox add-ons. Moreover, the latest version improved the browsing experience as well as UX. 

Although there are thousands of useful Firefox extension you’ll find on the internet and official web page of Firefox, but all those are not our requirement. So download /installing all those extensions will slow down the browsing experience of Firefox. 

In this article, we’ll learn about only 5 useful Firefox add-ons which are necessary for every web developer and other business industry. These 4 add-ons are called 5 best extensions for Firefox. 


LastPass The Best FireFox Password Manager

Today, a serious issue has been reported by a large number of web developers, even by a layman computer user. The issue is “how to handle the passwords of All IDs?”

Today almost every computer user has up to 5 ID’s and passwords. If we come to the category of web developers and email marketers, they have almost 10 to 15 mailing addresses/software / social networks; they face brutal difficulties to handle the ID and password. 

LastPass, best Firefox extension for 2017, solved this embarrassing situation for permanently.  It is a password manager which saves all your passwords and secures your account and passwords from any access by any person. 

Whenever you create a new account on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. generate a powerful password using LastPass. After completing the process of generating the password, now save those password to your LastPass. 

There is another interesting feature of LastPass is that you didn’t need to remember the password all your accounts. It keeps your all password secure, so if you forget any password, you can check there. 

You are not required to login into all your social networks, simply sign-in LastPass and get access to all your social accounts in just one click. 

Install LastPass FireFox Add-On

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock by Fireofox

AdBlock is another best Firefox extension that makes your browsing experience fascinating by blocking ads.

Generally when we watch a video on YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo or on Facebook then during the video; ads run on screen. This interruption diverts all the mind attention and presence. 

Firefox provided the solution to stop the ads by Firefox AdBlock Plus, which not only stop ads from all video sites but also from social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. Thus it enhances your browsing as well as user experience. 

Install FireFox AdBlock Extension


Firefox Extension Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a customization Firefox extension which provides customization of web pages, using JavaScript. 

Greasemonkey customizes the web page display using a little amount of JavaScript. However, you can write your own script if you didn’t find any suitable from Greasemonkey platform. 

Install Greasemonkey Extension for Firefox


FlashBlock to prevent your System from Hackers

FlashBlock is a useful Firefox add-on that prevents your system/device from the attack of any link or program. 

The number of viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, and Hackers is reached an alarming situation. The main problem is their visibility. You can’t see them, so you become easy hunt of those attackers and hackers. 

Generally, when we download any software/program or browse any site, open any app, we don’t know that we are downloading program/software which is badly infected with Attackers and have invisible hackers. 

When the program completely installs on the device, the device’s performance becomes very slow, even sometimes it completely hangs. But now don’t worry…. Let’s install FlashBlock.

FlashBlock gives no peace of chance to viruses, Trojans or other hackers to get access to your system. If any program/software or webpage/link contain any malicious code, Firefox security extension FlashBlock will filter all those malicious codes and ensure the security and privacy of your system/devices safe and secure. 

Install FlashBlock Firefox Extension


Scrapbook extension of FireFox

Scrapbook is another user-friendly Firefox Addon. It facilitates the user to save web pages and read them later.

Sometimes you are reading very important content on a webpage; suddenly you were called by your boss; so save your webpage in the scrapbook. 

Later on, when you reach home and become fresh, open Scrapbook and open that saved the webpage. Now read that important content in the complete peaceful environment. 

Install Scrapbook Extension for Firefox

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